Should you invest in Bitcoin? Money saving expert talks on cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has rocketed to new all-time highs this week – but should you invest in the cryptocurrency everyone’s talking about? It’s in the public spotlight thanks to its meteoric rise. In recent days, Bitcoin has rocketed to new all-time highs. But should you invest in the cryptocurrency everyone’s talking about? Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis […]

Five ways Boeing’s 747 jumbo jet changed travel

The sun is setting on the planet’s most recognizable jetliner. The very last Boeing 747 passenger jet was likely delivered in July — a jumbo for Korean Air Lines — and on November 7, 2017 United Airlines is retiring its Boeing 747 fleet with a retro-themed farewell flight from San Francisco to Honolulu. The 747 has been […]

How Saudi Arabia is building its $2tn fund

Saudi Arabia is stepping up plans to turn its sovereign wealth fund into a global giant. This week, it’s holding a coming-out party of sorts for the Public Investment Fund, which is central to the government’s effort to diversify the economy away from oil, under a plan known as Vision 2030. The Saudis are hosting the titans of investing and […]

Crude or condensate? The dilemma over Nigeria’s oil-cut exemption

When OPEC agreed to exempt Nigeria from its oil production-restraint deal last year, it knew the country faced a huge challenge in recouping output lost due to militant unrest. As tensions subside and the country pumps closer to normal levels, another dilemma looms for the producer group as it continues efforts to eradicate a price-sapping […]

Why Kurdish oil is a wild card for markets

If Iraq’s Kurdish territory were a country, it would probably qualify for OPEC membership. It wouldn’t even be the smallest member, given its production of about 600,000 barrels of oil per day. That’s an impressive achievement for a landlocked enclave that started exploring only a decade ago. The region’s potential is greater still, though it faces political, […]

How Policy Makers Can Better Predict a Downturn – and Prepare

The global financial crisis showed that periods of robust growth and seeming calm in financial markets can be followed by a sudden surge in market volatility and an unexpected economic downdraft. That’s why it is so important for policy makers to keep a close watch on so-called financial conditions. These can include everything from bond […]

Rising Household Debt: What It Means for Growth and Stability

Debt greases the wheels of the economy. It allows individuals to make big investments today–like buying a house or going to college – by pledging some of their future earnings. That’s all fine in theory. But as the global financial crisis showed, rapid growth in household debt – especially mortgages – can be dangerous. A […]

Iraq’s Kurds independence, its impact for oil markets

Iraq’s Kurdish provinces plan to vote in a referendum on independence on Sept. 25, a poll that regional and Western powers, not to mention the central government in Baghdad, have decried as a catalyst for greater instability in a region gutted by war. At stake are the petrodollars that have helped sustain the Kurdish Regional Government’s semi-autonomous […]

China is not the only reason to question free trade

By Noah Smith Economists have lately been rethinking free trade. They’re right to do so — and not just because China’s emergence came as such a big shock to U.S. workers. There used to be a near-universal consensus among academic economists that the best trade policy for any country was to unilaterally remove all barriers […]

How Taiwanese whisky toppled Scotch to become the world’s hottest tipple

By  Simon Thomson   Speeding through the Taiwanese countryside, the narrow roads drop sharply into paddy fields on either side. Jutting up from pools of gently swaying rice are rows of faux chateaux; romantic holiday accommodation, decorated with finials and love hearts, the kitschy simulacra of Disney palaces. This surreal landscape is the last place you […]