Iraq’s Oil Ministry has added a new processing unit to the Kirkuk oil refinery, increasing the plant’s capacity to 56,000 barrels per

The market for legal marijuana is heating up in a big way. Legal marijuana sales are predicted to hit $9.7 billion in North America in

Egg costs are surging in Europe after a contamination scare swept across the region earlier this year. Worries about eggs tainted with

A painting of Jesus believed to be by Leonardo da Vinci that shattered auction records when it was sold for $450 million last month

Officials say a 709-carat diamond found in Sierra Leone has been sold for more than $6.5 million, according to Association Press. The

Ghana’s cocoa regulator plans to raise $750 million in loans to finance the replacement of almost half of the trees that produce the

India’s Coffee exports rose by 8.0% to 3.61 lakh tonnes in January-November 2017 compared to 3.34 lakh tonnes in the same period