Dr. Emmanuel Moore ABOLO is the President, Institute for  Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Professionals/GMD, The Risk Management Academy Limited.

Corporate governance is a system of direction and control that dictates how a board of directors governs and oversees a company. It is

Enterprise Risk Management [ERM] has come a long way. Since the mid-1990s, ERM has emerged as a concept and as a management function

There is clearly a mixture of excitement about a future driven by digital and AI and a desire to better understand what it means and

Since the COVID-19 plague was first diagnosed, it has spread to over 190 countries, all U.S. states and over 90 percent of the states

There are several conversations going on around the world about the possible challenges that Board members would face as a result of

There is a popular Ghanaian proverb that says: when the sea dries up, the sun should share in its shame’’. And ‘’an animal that eats

Covid-19 has brought the world to its knees crushing businesses and economies globally. This is a tragedy of truly larger-than-life

According to Richard L Tso- Senior Marketing Manager for Microsoft-, “the future is discovered in the unexpected. It’s found where no

The coronavirus (nCOVID-19) outbreak is causing widespread concern and economic privation for the government, consumers, businesses

Euromoney in one of its most recent publications stated that banks generally came into the coronavirus pandemic much stronger than