In theory, there are four types of motor insurances (Acts Only, Motor Third party, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Comprehensive), but

The traffic in Lagos has been hellish in the last few weeks. We were in the traffic the other day when a driver threatened to

Happy Easter to you all; we are in another festive season. Festive seasons in Nigeria lead to a lot of activities. People travel, do

Deepening insurance penetration in Nigeria requires both short term and long term measures. On the long term, we need to start

Some policy holders do not know anything about reinsurance. They have probably not heard the word before. In truth, they do not really

At least on two occasions since the Independent National Electoral Commission declared him winner of the last presidential elections,

Many people like hoarding knowledge and information. They do not realise that they are doing more harm than good to themselves. People

 I read a report recently where the writer was accusing the insurance industry of unwholesome practices in respect of motor (Third

I read about a family crying foul over the death of their teenage son last week. He was hit by a vehicle in Abuja while crossing the

Insurance penetration in Nigeria currently stands at 0.3 per cent. In other words, assuming we are 200 million people, only six