Martin Ike-Muonso, a professor of economics with interest in subnational government IGR growth strategies, is managing director/CEO, ValueFronteira Ltd. He can be reached via email at

The digital economy is fast overtaking the traditional economy in many ways and may perhaps achieve over 80 percent displacement

Tax payment compliance gatekeeping has become a pragmatic response by subnational governments to the increasing financial pressure

Poorly contained waste desecrating the environment is one of the ugly characteristics defining many of our cities and peri-urban

Like the police, the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] ensures that citizens comply with the law on paying their taxes. Tax payments are

Many subnational governments in Nigeria cannot generate enough money to meet their demands for more taxable assets. Yet it is

Communal efforts dominated economic growth and development in Nigeria’s pre- and post-colonial periods. Town unions, religious groups,

Migration always takes centre stage when most ethnic groups trace their origin and why they are in their current location. Large-scale

Beyond the fees from motor licensing, which is all-vehicle embracing, commercial vehicles stand out as a significant source of revenue

As we gradually approach May 29, the expectations are running high on the most efficacious therapeutics to manage the country’s

Independent revenue generation is central to the charge of local governments. The Nigerian three-tier federal structure specifies