Sunny Nwachukwu (Loyal Sigmite), PhD, a pure and applied chemist with an MBA in management, is an Onitsha based industrialist, a fellow of ICCON, and vice president, finance, Onitsha Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached on  +234 803 318 2105 (text only) or

Productivity measures economic performance when a known quantity of goods and services produced (known as output) is compared with the

The manufacturing sector, as recently featured through the programme organised by the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) in

Straight to basics, Nigeria’s economy has economic sustainability pillars (social pillar, environmental pillar and economic pillar)

Hunger is one discomforting situation that every government must view seriously as a sensitive issue that demands emergency attention.

Nigeria’s food insecurity has lately become a more challenging and very disturbing socioeconomic issue. This national problem became

The Udoji Awards of the 1970s were recommendations made by the Udoji Public Service Review Commission for salary increases, civil

Shelter could be described as a dwelling place (such as a building) that gives temporary protection and offers cover from bad weather

Shelter or housing is among the three basic needs of man, which include food and clothing (that are part of the physiological needs),

The contemporary global agribusiness focuses on green agriculture, which is the sustainable farming that provides the needed solutions

Food is among the three basic needs of man, and it is very essential for human survival. This has been scientifically proven, for