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Good governance is the process of measuring how public institutions conduct public affairs, manage public resources and guarantee the

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced its intention to redesign the two hundred, five hundred and one thousand naira (N200, N500

Communication is the transmission or transfer of information from the transmitter to the receiver. The term can also refer to the

The Igbo entrepreneurship (apprentice) programme was taunted to be a solution to the pervasive poverty in Nigeria due to its success

Continued from last week Biba’s opportunity lay in its grotesque building which made it an attraction to people from all walks of

Big Biba, as it was fondly called, was a fashion outlet established as a small fashion retailer to cater for ladies’ clothes in West

The history of the reward scheme is as old as the era of exchange of goods for goods (trade by barter). Wise traders or producers,

Leadership is not what many people perceive it to be. A lot of people assume leadership is a position of power or authority.

At the beginning of every year, people make resolutions known as “New Year resolutions”. A New Year resolution is a resolve or

Low-income earners are ubiquitous in Africa, as all over the world. Serving their needs will generate high sales volume because of