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REGIONAL INTEGRATION on a continental scale is now a reality in Africa as the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) has

NOW THAT THE African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a reality, countries within the continent need to get to work in dead

PEOPLE’S POWER is increasingly gaining pre-eminence in Africa, judging from recent events. Whether it is called Africa’s resurgence or

EQUATIONS, permutations, extrapolations and scenarios about environmental stewardship in the context of energy and dependent

IMPRESSIONS ABOUT aid dependence have to be erased when discussing about the Africa of the future. What defined the continent’s past

AS THE WORLD becomes ever more interconnected in so many different ways, the consequences have started to emerge, more especially in

As the squabbles between the United States and China on reciprocal trade come near a crescendo, and certain decisions signal the

THE WORLD’S LARGEST free trade area is now in Africa. This, presumably, is based on the fulfilment of African Union’s time table

Efforts to join back together what was put asunder 135 years ago in the widely acclaimed Berlin Conference have recently got a boost.

THAT Africa is rich in mineral resources is a settled matter. What is not settled is how the continent can tap into these resources in