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ARAB SPRING GOT GLOBAL ATTENTION. It changed the configuration of the Middle East and North Africa geopolitically in the context of

CHINA HAS BEEN BASKING in the splendour of the accolades freely bestowed on it by many countries and foreign commercial entities. They

ETHIOPIA BECAME A PRIDE OF AFRICA lately. The East African country distinguished itself and provided a sharp contrast with a

SAHELIAN AFRICA IS BACK again in full reckoning, following major political decisions taken within and outside the region. Those

EVERY GOOD INTERVENTION PLAN needs realistic implementation guidelines, timelines, elaborate description of actors, clear pathways for

SEISMIC CHANGES ARE taking place in the DR Congo right now. These changes take various forms – of political, social, economic and

CLIMATE CHANGE may be interpreted by some as disadvantageous to the world economy. While that view holds some validity, it is not the

CHANCES THAT environmental safety challenges in Africa could get more complicated are showing troubling signs. Governance dysfunction

WEAKNESSES THAT NEED to be overcome by Africa in the quest for renewable energy are many and varied. Some are institutional, some

ENVIRONMENTAL COST OF green energy will very likely weigh heavily on Africa in the emerging dispensation new of global energy economy.