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Within a space of six weeks, two powerful tropical storms have hit the south eastern coast of Africa. The first took days to pummel

TRADE HAS BEEN variously described as a tool for economic development. But this does not happen in a vacuum. From the standpoint of

FOR SO LONG, AFRICA has been at a disadvantage, holding the short end of the global trade stick. Trade surpluses have been more in

EVENTS IN THE PAST couple of weeks point in a clear direction of a Britain that eventually ceases to be a member of the European Union

ONE MAJOR HURDLE Africa must overcome in its quest for wealth and prosperity is the challenge posed by health or the lack of it. To

The task of feeding the teeming Nigerian population is overwhelming, requiring enormous efforts, great depth of thought, robust

Over the past two weeks, a tropical storm, codenamed Cyclone Idai, tore through the south-eastern coast of Africa, leaving death,

THE CONTINENT OF AFRICA remains significant on the world stage and for a number of reasons. In size, Africa is larger than China, USA,

The clock of 2030 global agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) is ticking slowly, quietly but surely. This is six years

UNFOLDING EVENTS all over the world are pointing in one direction; that is the imminence of climate change which may prove