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The idea behind saving a beleaguered Africa was commendable. Nonetheless, the interventionists had a tunnel vision: they forgot

Much has been argued about the ascendancy of Asia in the emerging global economy. Publications, commentaries, documentaries and

Africa is in a race against time, with global climate events ahead of the race. Generic considerations of climate events tend to

AFRICA CURRENTLY STANDS at crossroads, hedging against food insecurity. Experiences across the regions uniformly indicate grim

There are many reasons to be optimistic about Africa. One of such was articulated by McKinsey, a consulting firm. In McKinsey’s

RECOGNITION OF THE STRATEGIC relevance of the youthful population in any nation, economy or continent is essential. This needs to

Africa sits on a time bomb, waiting to explode for good or for ill. With a population estimated at 1,287,920,518 in 2018, a population

Africa earns the reputation of producing more cassava than any other crop. FAO figures, in 2011, revealed that the continent produced

The centre of gravity of food security may indeed be shifting from the global north to the global south. In this tectonic shift,

African continent presents stark contrasts in socio-economic contexts. In these contexts are embedded contradictions and crises