By Caesar Keluro   Since independence, sub-Saharan African countries have struggled to meet a key demand of their freedom:

By Caesar Keluro   COVID19 has shown the critical importance of quality primary health care in the creation of effective and

By Caesar Keluro   There are over 22 billion IoT-connected devices on earth and industry research estimates that by 2030 the

By Caesar Keluro   Digitalization is crucial to the survival and the future of African MSMEs and our economy. It provides these

By Caesar Keluro   Artificial Intelligence (AI) could significantly widen the gap between developed and African countries. The

By Caesar Keluro   Self-regulation by dominant digital platforms has ended. What hasn’t ended is the raging debate about how we

By Caesar Keluro   Africa must pass legislation that would empower advanced technology companies to establish Innovation Zones in

By Caesar Keluro   The world is shifting rapidly into a low-carbon pathway. For example, Portugal is concentrating on producing

By Caesar Keluro   With the rise of Mars as our potential new home, my fears seemed confirmed that we may never make that

By Caesar Keluro   Banking has been unbundled forever. It’s a time of global payment war. The Big Tech companies, i.e Alibaba,