Investors across the globe have been injected with a renewed dose of confidence towards risk as governments relax lockdown measures

By Lukman Otunuga’s commentary    The staggering depreciation in oil prices could not have come at a more disruptive and

By Lukman Otunuga, senior research analyst, FXTM The United States Federal Reserve caught markets completely off-guard this week by

By Lukman Otunuga, FXTM senior analyst   2019 was packed with uncertainty thanks to persistent trade drama, global growth fears and

By Lukman Otunuga,  is FXTM Senior Research Analyst.   Rising inflationary pressures could not have come at a worst possible time

By Lukman Otunuga,  is FXTM Senior Research Analyst.   It is hard to believe that oil prices have depreciated over 17% since the

By Lukman Otunuga is FXTM Senior Research Analyst.   In January, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) decided to hold the lending

By Lukman Otunuga,  Senior Research Analyst at FXTM   2019 was a rough year for the Nigerian economy thanks to volatile crude Oil

By Lukman Otunuga   There was a collective sigh of relief across the Nigerian economy in November after official reports

By Lukman Otunuga     Nigeria inflation report under the spotlight Dollar supported by lingering risk-off mood Gold extends