MICHAEL IRENE, PhD   Michael Irene is a data and information governance practitioner based in London, United Kingdom. He is also a

BY MICHAEL IRENE, PhD The Central Bank of Nigeria’s risk-based cybersecurity framework and guidelines for other financial institutions

BY MICHAEL IRENE, PhD. There has been a very good growth of fintech companies around the world and these are for good reasons. First,

MICHAEL IRENE, PhD There is no doubt that in the modern information-flow era, where information informs a lot of what we do, and how

BY MICHAEL IRENE, PhD Every business today relies on personal data and other forms of data for the management of various business

BY MICHAEL IRENE, PhD On May 25th, 2018, the world was rocked by the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, easily tagged

BY MICHAEL IRENE, PhD Training in data privacy, I believe, is often overlooked. This is done for good reasons. First, there is that

BY: MICHAEL IRENE, PhD Emotional AI refers “to technologies that use affective computing and artificial intelligence techniques to

In today’s economic climate, organisations have more access to data. The substantial amount of data collected by organisations becomes

BY MICHAEL IRENE, PhD Early this year, the international data transfer agreement, a data transfer addendum to the European