By Michael Irene, PhD Twitter: @moshoke Email:   Nigerian Information Technological Development

By Michael Irene, PhD   As part of its mission to ensure that companies comply with the new Nigerian Data Protection Regulation,

By Michael Irene, PhD,  Twitter: @moshoke   The assessment of the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation compliance scheme seems

By Michael Irene, PhD   The Nigerian Data Protection Regulation states, under Implementation Mechanism, that every data

By Michael Irene, PhD   If anything, data protection compliance is something slightly new in Nigeria. It is new because Nigerian

By Michael Irene, PhD   Nigerian companies must rebuild their dynamics to not only fit in what is called privacy-by-design but

By Michael Irene Twitter: @moshoke   Having got a historical glimpse of data protection regulations and its motivations, can one

By Michael Irene, PhD     In contemporary business, the collection, use, and possession of personal data remain vital.

By Michael Irene, PhD   The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has come up with the Nigerian Data