Saviour Adugba The Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSTEF) is partnering with private sector players to help looted businesses and

Saviour Adugba For over two weeks, young people in Nigeria took to the streets to protest against alleged widespread police brutality

Saviour Adugba WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned platform, has said that it is looking to develop more services around shopping, payments

Saviour Adugba 83% to provide more opportunities for staff to work remotely Most businesses plan to accelerate the digitisation of

Saviour Adugba The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has disclosed it plans to set up a multi-sector policy framework for the

Saviour Adugba Windows/PC devices and Internet of Things  (IoT) devices lead the way as the devices that have suffered the most

Saviour Adugba News broke this week that Stripe, a United States tech company known specifically for digital payments in Silicon

Saviour Adugba Nicholas Allo, director of Visual Earth, the organisation that partnered with the University of Texas to deliver the

Saviour Adugba Zoom, the video conferencing company, has announced new features on its video conferencing platform. The company has

Saviour Adugba Access and convenience are the two most important drivers of fintech adoption in Nigeria, a report by McKinsey &