BY TIMI OLUBIYI, PhD Timi Olubiyi, an entrepreneurship & business management expert with a PhD in Business Administration from

By Timi Olubiyi, Ph.D.   It is a common sight in Nigeria and, indeed, many developing nations to use kids as labourers or expose

By Timi Olubiyi, Ph.D   The number of small businesses keeps growing in the formal and informal sectors of the Nigerian economy,

By Timi Olubiyi, Ph.D   The coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected the global economy and more severely developing nations

By Timi Olubiyi, Ph.D.   It is no more news that US-based social media company Twitter Inc. has concluded plans to establish a

By Timi Olubiyi, Ph.D.   In Nigeria, apart from the known business challenges such as decrepit infrastructure, inconsistent

By Timi Olubiyi, Ph.D.   It is no longer a secret that family businesses the world over can struggle with governance, leadership

By Timi Olubiyi, Ph.D.   Numerous factors can make businesses decide to outsource or even engage a sub-contractor in their

By Timi Olubiyi, Ph.D.   World Bank explained that electronic governance simply known as e-governance is the use of information

Sachets dominate the retail industry, particularly the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in many parts of Africa, but more