Company to deploy Microsoft Airband to provide cheaper internet services to six regions   Wale Ameen Online Editor  

…Says loan facilities adequately secured with First Bank, with collaterals in place at over 170% of Forced Sales Value and 230%

  Wale Ameen For so long Nigeria has been plagued with the issue of a centralized database for its citizens. Pre-NIN registration

Wale Ameen Online Editor Amidst the ongoing furoro between First Bank of Nigeria and Nigeria’s apex bank, the Central Bank of

Platform to beam 60 channels to Lagosians   Wale Ameen Online Editor   Nigeria on Thursday inched closer to achieving

Total beneficiaries now 465,820   Wale Ameen Online Editor The Federal Government says it has begun the disbursement of payment

  Features include Payments, Scheduling and Mini Profile for Voice Chats, new web apps and more   Wale Ameen Online Editor

Debarment to be enforced by other development banks   Wale Ameen Online Editor The African Development Bank Group has slammed a

Wale Ameen Online Editor   Leading South African Micro Finance Bank, Barko Financial Services has launched its digital app in a

  App developed by group of self funded immigrants from Liberia and Sierra Leone Will use water stamping technology to help users