Help for Africa – all talk and no action?

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to host African leaders ahead of the G20 summit. Berlin would like to see the G20 focusing more on Africa. Past initiatives for Africa have seen only moderate success.In 2005, then British Prime Minister Tony Blair hosted the G8 summit in the Scottish resort of Gleneagles. The meeting of […]

The Nigerian rice conversation and the nexus with food security

  The Rice debate in Nigeria is an intense and fierce one by different players who don’t understand the dynamics and only tend to put out emotional arguments not grounded on facts and logic but aim to score cheap political points. They try to play to the fact that self-sufficiency is a walk in the […]

Should you trust your own judgement when investing?

Most investors and dart players miss. But simple behavioural nudges can help improve our accuracy so that we’re more on target. Take economist Richard H. Thaler’s oft-cited example of the urinals at an Amsterdam airport: Patrons were making a mess. Their aim was off. Why? Maybe they were distracted, tired, or simply careless. They weren’t […]

London’s big bang banking hub pivots for post-Brexit reinvention

For 30 years, an army of UBS Group AG traders packed the football-field-sized floors of a building in the City of London’s largest office project. Now teams of laborers in high-visibility jackets are busily transforming the property for a different type of worker. Broadgate, a 32-acre (13-hectare) complex built to accommodate the banks and law […]

2017 budget: Springboard to ERGP implementation

The 2017 Appropriation Bill of N7.441 trillion budget passed by the National Assembly has come at a time when the current administration has merged the budgeting and planning functions into one ministry to create a better and stronger link between annual budgets and the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan. In this report, NIYI JACOBS, therefore examines the […]

Chinese investments in EU – indispensable yet worrisome

China has been a major investor in Europe over the past decade, pumping money to buy a number of strategic and high-tech assets. But Chinese investments have caused both exultation and trepidation. The European Union has been one of the most-favored investment destinations for China over the past decade, with Chinese firms channeling billions of […]

‘American dream’ may be over for Indians and that is a good thing

Look up the definition of ‘the American dream’ and Google enlightens you with this: “The ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.” To illuminate the point, it provides an example sentence: The scapegoating of today’s immigrants makes a mockery of the American […]

Why it’s worth paying for an office instead of working from home

My daily commute is about 30 slow, zombie shuffles between my bedroom and my home office. While I’m grateful to say I have the option to work wherever and whenever I want, I sometimes love-hate my arrangement. Because working from home has a way of slowly sucking away your sanity. I’m a vagabonding writer who’s […]