Chinese investments in EU – indispensable yet worrisome

China has been a major investor in Europe over the past decade, pumping money to buy a number of strategic and high-tech assets. But Chinese investments have caused both exultation and trepidation. The European Union has been one of the most-favored investment destinations for China over the past decade, with Chinese firms channeling billions of […]

‘American dream’ may be over for Indians and that is a good thing

Look up the definition of ‘the American dream’ and Google enlightens you with this: “The ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved.” To illuminate the point, it provides an example sentence: The scapegoating of today’s immigrants makes a mockery of the American […]

Why it’s worth paying for an office instead of working from home

My daily commute is about 30 slow, zombie shuffles between my bedroom and my home office. While I’m grateful to say I have the option to work wherever and whenever I want, I sometimes love-hate my arrangement. Because working from home has a way of slowly sucking away your sanity. I’m a vagabonding writer who’s […]

How UNESCO got it wrong in Africa

Since 1972, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, has maintained a “World Heritage List” of sites that it deems to have an exceptional value. This list, which aims to preserve the world’s cultural and natural heritage, has sparked global tensions and drawn criticism that it doesn’t give adequate attention to the […]

Negativity bias: why conservatives are more swayed by threats than liberals

Do liberals and conservatives experience messages in a fundamentally different way? We all tend to give more weight to negative messages than positive. Recent research reveals that this psychological bias is much stronger in conservatives than liberals Believing what we are told is critical to our development as a species. It allows us to accumulate […]

Apple uses its chip expertise to move ahead in AI

Mark Gurman, who seems to have quite a few reliable contacts around the Valley, reports in Bloomberg that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is working on a hardware acceleration chip for artificial intelligence (AI) processing. The chip is known internally as the Apple Neural Engine. The chip could be incorporated into Apple mobile devices such as iPhone and […]

OPEC should watch Glencore’s Bunge jump

Glencore PLC’s designs on Bunge Ltd. have roiled the grain-trading world. Anyone with an interest in oil might also find it worthwhile to take a five-minute break from their OPEC vigil to consider this particular merger.As my colleague Gillian Tan laid out here, several factors have pushed Glencore toward Bunge. For its part, Bunge said […]

Lessons from a JetBlue founder on creating a High-flying startup culture

As major airlines deal with one PR crisis after another, one carrier has managed to fly above the turbulence: JetBlue airways.  When United’s passenger-removal dilemma — and its viral video — became a social media nightmare, JetBlue highlighted its no-overbooking policy. While American Airlines and others are catching flak for reducing seat size, JetBlue can […]