Ambode’s connective governance approach


We know that gorvenance in Nigeria is challenging. At federal, state and local governments, governance appears to be mystifying and defies the understanding of many well-meaning Nigerians who, rightly so, do not think it is rocket science. We know that there is a lot of talk about corruption being a major bane of progress in […]

Of macro and micro citizens’ policy focus

What approach or approaches do the Federal and State governments in Nigeria adapt in the economic treatment and management of their people? The Nigerian system is an arrogant one. People largely tend to be disrespectful to other people and it is worse if one as much as has levers of political or economic power over […]

Government paranoia against business

We think there is too much schism about in this country. There is mutual suspicion, distrust everywhere and the one that worries us most is government paranoia against business. We feel strongly to write about this again because we think that for far too long this paranoia has held Nigeria in a bad way. We […]

Where’s the N2.8trn capital disbursement

We will continue to ask this question: What’s the purpose of government? It is increasingly becoming difficult to find a proper answer to this question in present-day Nigeria. And that is because nothing seems to shock anymore, not even the death of citizens in the most brutal and inhumane ways. We say this because we […]

Intrigues around a budget

You can bet that both the Executive and the Legislature expect,‘We the people’, to be grateful that, at last, the 2018 Appropriation Bill has been passed. That we can all now get on with our lives; and that it does not matter that just a handful of elected officials had put on hold, for seven […]

We’re fine, our debt to GDP ratio’s 20%

We are not particularly fans of Bretton Woods institutions, namely International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank; if you are like us, a skeptic and take with a pinch of salt whatever they dish out strongly believing that they do not genuinely represent the interest of developing countries most of the time then you […]