Why blame Dangote?

Consistent with our Nigerian nature, the plan by the Dangote Group to import 10,000 Indonesian-made light pickup trucks that it plans to sell to its customers in Africa has received strident condemnations. The Dangote Group intends to market these trucks which can carry water, cassava and seed processors to customers in its value chains. Procurement […]

Africa’s deserts, security and sustainable future (1)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

  ASSUMPTIONS, CLAIMS AND ASSERTIONS about Africa being a continent that holds the hope for the global food security of the future have gone largely unquestioned. These have been repeated by many public commentators and development actors who expressed optimism about the forest resources in the south of Equator as if those forests are cast […]

Lessons of Shiites Christmas visit to a Christian church

Regardless of the underlying causes, intolerance and suspicion of each other by people of various faiths have significantly affected our socio-economic development negatively. The resulting tension often affects communal peace and enterprise. Unfortunately, often fanaticism and uncontrolled religious emotions are behind the old conflicts that fuelled today’s suspicion and intolerance. Good examples include the 1987 […]

Emerging Paradigm Shift in Fuels Markets and the Nigeran Economy

For more than a century, fossil fuels have accounted for a larger proportion of global energy supply sources. However, with increasing global environmental challenges, arising from increasing concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) associated with fossil fuels combustion, there has been a renewed emphasis on low- carbon intensive and environmentally- friendly energy sources, e.g. natural gas, […]

West African single currency: Between old and new ‘Eco’

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

MARRIAGES HURRIEDLY CONTRACTED are prone to some existential dangers, complications and dilemmas: to walk away from marriages of convenience if the realities aren’t bearable for parties involved or to endure such realities in perpetual hope that things will one day change for normal. But, the reality – it might be strongly disputed by some – […]

Are we ready for the science and technology frontier?

This year is the threshold of the decade of ultra-digital science and the technologies that latch on it. Given the experiences of the past decade, it is evident that the coming years will usher us into a much smarter world of incredible scientific and technological revolutions predicated on artificial superintelligence. In the past few years, […]

Africa’s fate and Madrid’s ‘Blue’ climate talks (3)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

AWARENESS ABOUT LAKES and their relevance in Africa has not yet adequately captured the attention of those who should know, particularly national governments. Consistent and fairly predictable rainfall, existence of big rivers, stable underground water tables and handling of urban water supplies as public utilities have all lulled governments of various countries into complacency, particularly […]

Africa’s fate and Madrid’s ‘Blue’ climate talks (2)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

GREAT LAKES ACROSS AFRICA are in great dangers. They are highly vulnerable to many factors. The factors putting these lakes in the harm’s way are not strictly only environmental but more of human, with particular reference to commercial interests tied to quest for protein supply. The interests have historical antecedents and transcend the localities, the […]

Africa’s fate and Madrid’s ‘Blue’ climate talks

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

SLOGANS, MANTRA, HASTAGS and catchphrases are not in short supplies in international assemblies where serious global issues are major subjects of debates, deliberations and discussions nowadays. They don’t have to meet expectations, but they attempt to railroad discussions; and they sometimes provide emotional and sentimental punch for issues under consideration. It is thus better to […]

Hoping for a genuinely reformed police

We all know that the police is not necessarily your friend. At least not in all cases. However, the Nigerian police still deserve some commendation in the many accomplishments that it has recorded over the years. Those achievements are partially contributory to the economic successes that we have also recorded. Perhaps apart from the sale […]