Jacob Zuma’s travails and Africa’s leadership crisis

AU parliamentarians scuffle while Africa’s progress lingers

ARAB SPRING GOT GLOBAL ATTENTION. It changed the configuration of the Middle East and North Africa geopolitically in the context of governance. Ten years ago and thereafter, many influential despots were toppled, some countries had their political system tweaked and some have entered into hostilities and conflicts lingering till now.  The younger generation would no […]

Why Comprehensive Motor Insurance makes perfect sense

Motor (Third Party) Insurance rate, not yet Uhuru!

The rains are late in coming this year, but now that they are here, they are relentless and ferocious. Friday, July 16, was particularly bad for motorists in Lagos. The full reports of the extent of damage were not out as at the time of writing, but many roads were submerged. Motorists on the Marina […]

Strengthening Nigerian security architecture

Nigeria's Security Funding

The recent robbery invasion of the residences of the Chief of Staff to the president and the Admin Officer inside Aso Rock neutralizes our delusive belief that we are safe in Nigeria. If criminal elements could fearlessly and successfully access the president’s Aso Rock, supposedly the most fortified place in Nigeria, then nobody is indeed […]

Improving respect for human rights

Nigeria's Security Funding

The sudden ban on Twitter jolted many Nigerians to governments seemingly untiring attempts at silencing their voices. But just like other types of human rights, freedom of expression is an expensive commodity in Nigeria. That is why Reporters Without Borders ranked Nigeria 120th out of 180 countries for press freedom in 2020. Their qualification for […]

Chinese Communist Party’s Centenary: Implications for Africa (2)

AU parliamentarians scuffle while Africa’s progress lingers

CHINA HAS BEEN BASKING in the splendour of the accolades freely bestowed on it by many countries and foreign commercial entities. They have been doing this for a while because of the gains they stand to make out of China. In doing so, they have either been willingly or selectively ignorant of many obvious flaws […]

International sources of Nigeria’s insecurity

Nigeria's Security Funding

Nigeria’s attractiveness is like the biblical hidden pearl parable where the discoverer sold all his possessions to buy the treasure field. From its vast market, abundant human resources, arable land, and good climate to enormous mineral deposits, the treasure in Nigeria naturally draws global attention. This ‘attention’ can take varied forms, which can be to […]

Chinese Communist Party’s Centenary: Implications for Africa

Chinese Communist Party’s Centenary: Implications for Africa

BEIJING WENT AGOG LAST WEEK, as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the founding and sole governing political party of the modern day People’s Republic of China (PRC), marked its hundredth year of existence on Thursday, July 1. At the Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, with a heavily packed but carefully vetted crowd estimated at more than 70,000 […]

Ethiopia’s war as Africa’s burden

AU parliamentarians scuffle while Africa’s progress lingers

ETHIOPIA BECAME A PRIDE OF AFRICA lately. The East African country distinguished itself and provided a sharp contrast with a neighbouring Somalia that has been through 30 odd years of conflicts and power vacuum, followed by multiple power centres, since the departure of Siad Barre, the despot who left the country in disarray after his […]

Sow poverty and reap insecurity  

Nigeria's Security Funding

The ease with which many apprehended criminals point at the unknown devil as the instigator or basis of their crime explains the difficulty in identifying the significant factors determining such behaviours. Such escapist excuses try to put a veil on other concrete underlying causes, which either acting alone or interactively can be economic, social, psychological, […]