Endowments, CSR can facilitate R&D in petroleum sector


The terms ‘Endowment’ and corporate social responsibility are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are not synonymous, hence the need to make the distinction between them from the get-go. Endowments refer to assets and/or funds that are invested in perpetuity by individuals, associations, or corporate bodies without a direct profit motive, unlike expendable funds that typically […]

Africa, financial inclusion and small enterprise: what prospects?

Africa’s boundless treasure

The self-reinforcing narrative about Africa’s pervasive poverty seems to have taken root for far too long. While the global economy is on the upswing due to pervasive influence of technological and scientific advancement, with the industrialised nations spawning multi-million dollar industries and vibrant small enterprises, Africa still struggles to stay afloat across all sectors. Although […]

Uberimma fides (FIDEI)


After a couple of weeks’ interruption, we shall continue with our discussions on the six principles of insurance today. In those days, I used to see “Caveat Emptor” on the walls of buildings and sometimes underneath, there is a suit number. I knew it had something to do with the courts. I also knew caveat […]

Unlocking Africa’s boundless treasure (2)

Africa’s boundless treasure

The idea behind saving a beleaguered Africa was commendable. Nonetheless, the interventionists had a tunnel vision: they forgot alternatives, or probably discountenanced them. Until much later, when public outcry became loud, it did not seem appropriate – at first – that Africa needed trade, not aid. Reports from assessment studies tracking the aid distribution subsequently […]

Householder insurance


The rains are here, so are the storms, floods, etc. Even fire, which you do not expect to be rampart during rainy season, has occurred with the regularity of dry season in the past few weeks. This is a wakeup call for families to take up a Householder Insurance Policy. A Householder Insurance Policy is […]

Unlocking Africa’s boundless treasure (1)

Africa’s boundless treasure

Much has been argued about the ascendancy of Asia in the emerging global economy. Publications, commentaries, documentaries and broadcast resources abound, putting Asia’s rising profile in perspective as the next global economic hub. The nascent Asian tigers, emerging at the twilight of the last century, rode on the back of the popular press and the […]

That tanker fire disaster


During the peak hours of last Thursday’s evening, a 33, 000-litre tanker, laden with PMS (petrol), exploded on Otedola Bridge along the Lagos end of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. As at the time of writing, nine charred bodies had been recovered, while 54 vehicles were reportedly burnt. My condolences to the families of those who lost […]

Dealing with drought in Africa’s slowing agro-economy

Africa’s boundless treasure

Africa is in a race against time, with global climate events ahead of the race. Generic considerations of climate events tend to divert attention away from one of the major consequences, with direct, measurable and palpable effects. Although the unit of analysis of the vulnerable in this context is mostly the rural farming and sometimes […]

Azare: One market fire too many

Crime and Investigation

On Sunday, June 17, a fire outbreak consumed about 700 shops in Azare market in Katagun Local Government Area in Bauchi State. Goods and properties running into hundreds of millions of Naira were destroyed. This fire is by no means an isolated case. There has been fire outbreaks in Singa Market and Sabon Gari Market […]