Grim omens on sustainable livelihoods in Africa (3)

GLOBALISATION will position Africa at a disadvantage unless the continent urgently finds innovative ways to solve lingering problems of livelihoods change. Therefore, serious attempts should be made to put the key contemporary problems – and those that could recur later – in the right context. Appropriate feedback will provide sound basis for intervention.  A major […]

Emerging hydrogen energy world: Implications for oil exporting countries

Hydrogen has long been used across several industries, including the process for converting heavy petroleum extracts into lighter, exploitable forms of fuel. But the objective of turning hydrogen itself into a viable and clean energy source to power vehicles and heat houses is the potential game-changing solution that could lead the way toward a full […]

SMEs and business interruption insurance: The road less travelled

Recently, the business place of a small business owner was destroyed by fire. Luckily, he had a material damage insurance cover (fire and special perils) in place. But unfortunately, he only insured his contents; he did not insure the business space. The business was located in a building that had other business concerns and it […]

Grim omens on sustainable livelihoods in Africa (2)

MUCH DEPENDS on individual African countries in their response to issues in sustainable livelihoods. In majority of cases, the subject has been regarded as tangential rather than integral part of socio-economic policy governance. It has mostly received attention within and around subject-matter-related conferences but less of official attention in the context of development. As a […]

Grim omens on sustainable livelihoods in Africa (1)

GREAT lifetime of opportunities are about to be irretrievably missed in Africa if the continent crosses certain thresholds in the stewardship of natural resource management and exploitation. This will not be because such resources are exploited at all, but will be mainly because they are poorly managed, without adequate consideration for the future impacts of […]

NHIS: What’s going on?

Expectations were high when the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) came into being in 2004. Among other objectives, the NHIS was set up to: ensure that every Nigerian has access to good health care services; protect families from the financial hardship of huge medical bills; limit the rise in the cost of health care services; […]

Africa on slippery road to the East (2)

IT MAY BE VERY TEMPTING to think that the increasing presence of China in Africa is all about development. And, why not, when new railways, roads, airports, hospitals, schools or stadia have been built across the continent with help from China? Or, what happens after it has been affirmed by many that China has become […]

Echoes of farm insurance at brokers’ conference

Insurance brokers in the country had their national conference on Thursday, October 18. As usual the conference brought to fore sundry issues facing the industry. But let me start with a piece of information from a member of the panel of discussants. Some rice farmers insured their farms. During the currency of the insurance policy, […]

Compulsory insurances and elections campaigns

P olitical party primaries have been concluded. Now we know the candidates, especially candidates of the two major political parties, the People’s Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress. We are now waiting for electioneering campaigns to commence. In other climes, this period offers pressure groups, professional groups and trade groups another opportunity to engage […]