Tales of Nigeria’s roadside corpses  

Perhaps it is only in a state of war that one would imagine the number of dead bodies that we behold daily on our roadsides. But that is the reality of today’s Nigeria. Even ifthe Boko Haram areas,where there is currently a nigh-war situation, is discounted, these ugly sites are commonplaceon our roadsides every other […]

From Rwanda with positive lessons for Africa (2)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

GIVING UP ON AFRICA is the most inappropriate thing to do now. This is because the prospects of a better, richer, stable and prosperous Africa are all too evident. But, a big “IF” stands between the situation as it is now and as it could possibly be. The condition depends on if Africa will do […]

“The challenges of fire fighting in Nigeria”

I was part of a panel of discussants on NTA’s GOOD MORNING NIGERIA on the above topic last Wednesday. Many people, for good reasons, have a negative impression of the firefighting services in Nigeria: dilapidated buildings, old and broken down vehicles, poor response time, non-functioning telephone lines, inadequate firefighting equipment, arriving at fire scenes with […]

From Rwanda with positive lessons for Africa

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

WAR HISTORY IN CONTEMPORARY Africa is replete with tales of destruction, devastation, mutilation, rape, death, displacement, missing people and downward spiral in economies of affected countries. The common denominator is that of crisis upon crisis, with slow and sometimes jerky recoveries, or – in some cases – relapses into hostilities. Although stories of wars are […]

Our children go to bed without food

Recently Oxfam revealed that about 70% of the Nigerian population live below the poverty line. Based on that data, it is reasonable to conclude that about 40% of Nigerians go to bed without food. We have always known this tragic fact but need to stand it on some statistics. For instance, how can a family […]

From hunger, faith and hustling to prosperity

Understanding the developmental phases that lead us to the Nigeria of our dream is critical for the design and implementation of feasible policies. First, it will help us to appreciate our current situation better. Secondly, it will enable the recognition of ideal phase actors and role expectations for achieving success. Thirdly, it facilitates better anticipation […]

What if nothing happens?

Today, we want to focus on two issues that come up mostly in retail insurance marketing: one, “by God’s grace, we will not encounter mishap.” Two, “what if I insure and nothing happens, what happens to the money (premium) I paid?” We are going to deal with them and hopefully put the mind of the […]

Milestones, prospects and urbanising Africa (5)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

HOW AFRICAN CITIES will fare in 50 years’ time is a question deserving of attention now. It has been reckoned that many African cities are growing at an unprecedented rate and are throwing up problems that need urgent solutions. It has also become evident that, although most cities grow in population, they are deficient in […]

Fire and destructions in markets

They were standing in the rubble of what used to be their striving businesses. Their forlorn looks told their story. They have probably lost all they have laboured for all their lives to fire and they have no fall-back plan. Their photo went viral; many people sympathised and empathised with them. One or two offered […]

Managing Nigeria as a Business – Funding our budgets

No value-creating setup can successfully operate without prudently identifying the goals that it plans to achieve, the size of funds required to deliver on those objectives, and the source of those funds. That process shows how important budgeting is in the life of small, big organisations and even countries. However, each phase in this process […]