Nigeria and post-COVID-19 expectations

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

BY THE TIME THE roaring hurricane of the ravaging Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic must have spent its fury and the lull of calm sets in, various countries of the world will wake up to diverse realities. Much of these realities will either be consequences of years of hard work, meticulous scenario thinking and strategic planning or […]

The wonderful benefits of coronavirus

There are two famous sayings that we need to invoke to appreciate the many right sides of coronavirus outbreak rather than the gloomy and fear-exciting pictures painted across the media. The first is that ‘things are never as bad as they seem,’ while the second is that ‘sometimes you have to lose what you have […]

COVID-19: Insurance cover for health professionals

Last Sunday, a letter issued by the Government of Ghana surfaced in various insurance professionals’ social media platforms. In the letter, the government announced a special life insurance package for 10,000 Ghanaian health personnel and allied professionals tackling the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana. The policy is a combination of group life, critical illness and employers’ […]

Revving Nigeria’s innovation capabilities

Several pieces of evidence attribute 70% of the high standard of living of the developed world to its successes in technological innovation. Other important factors such as minimal levels of antimarket policies, elevated levels of the rule of law, as well as the effective provision of public goods, explain the rest of the 30%. The […]

Security: Africa and global realities (3)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

CONFIGURATIONS OF national and Africa’s continental security architecture are about to undergo unprecedented changes arising from the prevalent global Coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic. The changes, which will take different forms post-COVID-19, will vary in the extent of impacts in various countries. What will be common to all is the inescapable truth that the impacts of […]

Successfully handholding African businesses to sustained high-performance

Doing business in Africa is extremely challenging. Reasons for this complexity abound. Inadequate infrastructure, lousy leadership, destructive and unproductive entrepreneurship as well as poor access to finance and markets hamper the continent’s capacity to grow entrepreneurially as well as economically flourish. The rate at which Nigeria’s corporate sector diminishes is notoriously high. According to the […]

Security: Africa and global realities (2)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

TRUTHS KNOWN ABOUT security lapses in Africa may continue to be frankly discussed at the office corridors, on dinner tables, in beer parlours, at the bus stops, newspaper stands or in political science and history classrooms while officials and discussants in government and diplomatic circles continue to do window dressing and talking tongue-in-cheek. The official […]

Insurance lessons from Ado Soba explosion

By last Thursday, the number of dead people from the explosion at Ado Soba, Abule Ado, in Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos State, increased by one. It was an explosion of catastrophic proportion, which has so far sent 21 people to their early graves. It also left hundreds of others injured, while properties […]

Security: Africa and global realities

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

FOUR WEEKS AGO, Germany played host to world leaders at the 56th Munich Security Conference (MSC) in which presidents, prime ministers, foreign and defence ministers from more than 40 countries were either present or were represented. Influential private companies were also represented, for their roles and relevance in the subject matter of security. About a […]

Nigerian economy in the era of Corona

At the last count, – at the time of writing this essay – coronavirus has successfully established its presence in no fewer than 123 countries with a record of 119,300 certified cases out of which about 56% recovered and 3.6% died. Currently, there are about 48,493 cases of actively infected persons globally. Although most recorded […]