Tales of Nigeria’s roadside corpses  

Perhaps it is only in a state of war that one would imagine the number of dead bodies that we behold daily on our roadsides. But that is the reality of today’s Nigeria. Even ifthe Boko Haram areas,where there is currently a nigh-war situation, is discounted, these ugly sites are commonplaceon our roadsides every other […]

Our children go to bed without food

Recently Oxfam revealed that about 70% of the Nigerian population live below the poverty line. Based on that data, it is reasonable to conclude that about 40% of Nigerians go to bed without food. We have always known this tragic fact but need to stand it on some statistics. For instance, how can a family […]

From hunger, faith and hustling to prosperity

Understanding the developmental phases that lead us to the Nigeria of our dream is critical for the design and implementation of feasible policies. First, it will help us to appreciate our current situation better. Secondly, it will enable the recognition of ideal phase actors and role expectations for achieving success. Thirdly, it facilitates better anticipation […]

Managing Nigeria as a Business – Funding our budgets

No value-creating setup can successfully operate without prudently identifying the goals that it plans to achieve, the size of funds required to deliver on those objectives, and the source of those funds. That process shows how important budgeting is in the life of small, big organisations and even countries. However, each phase in this process […]

Managing Nigeria as a Business: Institutional performance

The strong positive correlation between high performing economies and robust economic and political institutions is undisputed. Through its decisive influence on investment management, revenue generation, resource allocation and the rule of law, financial and other public institutions determine the level of well-being that is achievable by any country. Effective management of any economy is indirectly […]

Nigeria as a business: Anticipating the future

The attraction of entrepreneurship are the profits and other benefits which it offers. These rewards are the consequences of competing on correctly anticipated future events that may affect the prosperity of the business. Sound foresight depends a great deal on proper evaluation of the past in addition to ongoing strategic insights discovered continuously from observed […]

Managing Nigeria as a business organisation: the cost of funds

In addressing the challenge of how to sustainably finance growth and development, every Nigerian leader ought to revisit the question of the cost of funds. With a crawling growth rate of national output at about 2% relative to a 3%+ annual population growth, prioritising the considerable reduction in the cost of funds in the decision […]

Nigeria as a business organisation: Performance management

Profit maximising entrepreneurs have long recognised the kinetic importance of three core elements of the performance ecology responsible for sustained business survival and growth. These elements are guidance and performance motivation, performance measurement and capacitation for maximum performance. These elements are so critical that they define the future course of a profit maximising firm. By […]

Nigeria as a business organisation: People management

We have human beings in large numbers. Over 200 million of them. We are one-fifth of the continental population and the most populous black nation. There is no doubt that this is a substantial plus for our enhanced output. When correctly capacitated and incentivised, the human force can produce large amounts of goods and services. […]

Managing Nigeria as a business: Investment

The centrality of investment in the life of every business is well known. Firms grow their output on the strength of their investments. Similarly, the production level of any economy is dependent on that country’s rate and scale of capital formation. The more the rates of acquisition and result-oriented use of fixed assets, the more […]