Grim omens on sustainable livelihoods in Africa (3)

GLOBALISATION will position Africa at a disadvantage unless the continent urgently finds innovative ways to solve lingering problems of livelihoods change. Therefore, serious attempts should be made to put the key contemporary problems – and those that could recur later – in the right context. Appropriate feedback will provide sound basis for intervention.  A major […]

Grim omens on sustainable livelihoods in Africa (2)

MUCH DEPENDS on individual African countries in their response to issues in sustainable livelihoods. In majority of cases, the subject has been regarded as tangential rather than integral part of socio-economic policy governance. It has mostly received attention within and around subject-matter-related conferences but less of official attention in the context of development. As a […]

Grim omens on sustainable livelihoods in Africa (1)

GREAT lifetime of opportunities are about to be irretrievably missed in Africa if the continent crosses certain thresholds in the stewardship of natural resource management and exploitation. This will not be because such resources are exploited at all, but will be mainly because they are poorly managed, without adequate consideration for the future impacts of […]

Africa on slippery road to the East (2)

IT MAY BE VERY TEMPTING to think that the increasing presence of China in Africa is all about development. And, why not, when new railways, roads, airports, hospitals, schools or stadia have been built across the continent with help from China? Or, what happens after it has been affirmed by many that China has become […]

Africa on slippery road to the East (1)

NOT TOO LONG ago, the “Agenda 2063” came alive as the deal on “creating one African market” was consummated with the signing of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement by 44 African countries in Kigali, Rwanda.  Although the signing ceremony hasn’t yet given AfCFTA a full status until ratification by 22 countries, it […]

Maputo at 15 and the future of Africa’s food security

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

Africa is no stranger to Treaties, pacts, accords, international agreements, conventions and declarations. From treaties on continental issues to agreements on global affairs, Africa has been, and continues, playing remarkable roles. The Lome Convention and Cotonou Agreement, which preceded the establishment of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) will ever be associated with the places where […]

Rethinking Africa’s economic and social development (4)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

The wave of economic and social transformation sweeping through the world has brought its effects to bear with varying intensities and in many different ways in various parts of the world over the years. Those variations are still observable now and, for obvious reasons, might continue to be seen in the future. While it came […]

Rethinking Africa’s economic and social development (3)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

Africa’s place in the emerging world order should no longer be treated as pre-ordained, economically, socially, politically, or intellectually. Rather, it must be recognised that the continent has a duty to secure its niche through deliberate and relentless struggles in all spheres of life. The copious reference to the Information Technology (IT) industry should serve […]