Managing Nigeria as a business: Investment

The centrality of investment in the life of every business is well known. Firms grow their output on the strength of their investments. Similarly, the production level of any economy is dependent on that country’s rate and scale of capital formation. The more the rates of acquisition and result-oriented use of fixed assets, the more […]

Nigeria as a business: The Leadership

Businesses are set up by entrepreneurs for profit-making. Similarly, country economies are also managed to create positive net economic value for the citizens to appropriate. The profit pursuit forces good entrepreneurs to face about five significant concerns. The first is how to make the most revenue possible. Attending to this concern are the issues of […]

Implications of Xenophobic attacks on insurance

The South African Foreign Affairs Minister, Naledi Pandor, last Thursday said South Africa had no provisions in its laws to compensate nationals of other countries, whose shops and businesses were looted, burnt and destroyed in the recent xenophobic attacks. Pandor was responding to a demand by the Nigerian government that Nigerians, who suffered losses during […]

Africa as beautiful bride to Eastern, Western suitors (2)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

BEAUTY, according to the old adage, “is in the eye of the beholder.” This allegory seems to mean far more to those beholding Africa than to Africa itself, going by growing interests in the continent by foreigners as investors, tourists or development actors. Also relevant to this parable are actions perpetrated within the continent by […]

Ekweremmadunization approach to reclaiming Nigeria’s prosperity

In a quote attributed to Awolowo which is currently making the rounds online, the wise man forewarned that the children of the poor that his generation failed to educate will eventually rise against their children who had the benefit of education. That prophecy is currently coming-to-pass in today’s Nigeria. Ekweremmadu, for instance, described the persons […]

Africa as beautiful bride to Eastern, Western suitors

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

MANY EVENTS happening in Africa are attracting the attention of the outside world. In particular, the major world powers have, in recent times, demonstrated their interests in a progressive Africa. China, Japan, Russia and the US have shown no little interest in the continent through their various investments, development or collaborative platforms.  While some have […]

From Africa, Ebola could become a pandemic

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

SOME FACTS ABOUT Ebola virus disease in Africa can be unsettling.  This disease, which was known to have affected many people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), suddenly became an albatross in West Africa some years ago. Its spread then and the possibility of its further spread now need be taken very seriously because […]

Discharge vouchers as certainties

For an insurance broker, one of the things that give you job satisfaction is getting a call from your client a few days after executing a discharge voucher that he has received his cheque or his account has been credited. It is so fulfilling. Sometimes, some of such happy clients become your best marketers. Discharge […]

Why Ideas and Projects fail in Africa

Many times we ask ourselves why we are not like other nations of the world. We expect that with all the many fiscal receipts to the country, that the quality of our lives would have been excellent. But this is not the case. And therefore, when compared with the quality of development and the standard […]

How big is Africa’s economy (4)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

THE STRENGTH OR weakness of any country in Africa has historical roots, dating back to few decades in some cases or much longer in others. This also depends on governance, nature of government, management of people and resources. In most cases, these have not been properly put in context and most African countries remain poor […]