Marginal oil fields development in Nigeria: Way forward

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Marginal Oil fields development in Nigeria represents an opportunity to increase indigenous participation in petroleum upstream activities. It is also anticipated that the additional production from these stranded / satellite fields will boost the nation’s daily crude production output and government revenue. The term ‘marginality of a field’ is subjective but, whether it is untapped, […]

Financial inclusion via insurance

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From July 8 – 10, insurance professionals gathered in Abuja, the nation’s capital. Uppermost in their minds was how to increase insurance penetration and in the process increase the number of Nigerians, who have one form of insurance or the other. Currently, only about one percent of Nigerians have any form of insurance and I […]

Africa’s dilemma and the right energy pathway (1)

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Africa stands at the crossroads between technological advancement, economic expansion, environmental stewardship and sustainable development. The continent, understandably, missed the industrial revolution of mid-eighteenth to mid-nineteenth centuries. It avoidably lagged behind the Green Revolution, or third agricultural revolution, occurring between 1950 and the late 1960s, that increased agricultural production worldwide. Now it is under pressure […]

On forging ECOWAS regional cooperation in petroleum marketing and distribution

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Prospects for economic growth are driven by energy consumption, which is dependent on or smuggling by their oil availability, accessibility and affordability of the energy sources/resources. Statistics have shown that Sub-Saharan Africa countries are projected to grow in number at an average rate of 1.2%, leading to a population estimate of about 500 million in […]

Benefits of travel insurance


I had a good laugh at myself recently, I was going through old documents that I used to apply for a visa 10 years ago and stumbled on the travel insurance. Even as an insurance professional, I cannot remember paying any attention to it then. I was only interested in completing my documentations for the […]

Durable cornerstones for Africa’s Trade Area

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

For Africa, the reasons for optimism know no bounds. Although, Africa’s economy is small in comparison with its sheer size and the human population that is in excess of 1 billion, the continent still remains a land of hope at the very best. But, going by the current trend of growth, Africa’s economy nominal GDP, […]

Endowments, CSR can facilitate R&D in petroleum sector

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The terms ‘Endowment’ and corporate social responsibility are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are not synonymous, hence the need to make the distinction between them from the get-go. Endowments refer to assets and/or funds that are invested in perpetuity by individuals, associations, or corporate bodies without a direct profit motive, unlike expendable funds that typically […]

Africa, financial inclusion and small enterprise: what prospects?

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

The self-reinforcing narrative about Africa’s pervasive poverty seems to have taken root for far too long. While the global economy is on the upswing due to pervasive influence of technological and scientific advancement, with the industrialised nations spawning multi-million dollar industries and vibrant small enterprises, Africa still struggles to stay afloat across all sectors. Although […]

Uberimma fides (FIDEI)


After a couple of weeks’ interruption, we shall continue with our discussions on the six principles of insurance today. In those days, I used to see “Caveat Emptor” on the walls of buildings and sometimes underneath, there is a suit number. I knew it had something to do with the courts. I also knew caveat […]