How powerful was Abba Kyari?

Unarguably, the late Abba Kyari was powerful. And he remained so even to the point of his burial. As we already know, those who are powerful are those who not only control people and structures but to a considerable extent, influence the eventual outcomes of target goals. The higher such people are in the command […]

Building Africa’s resilience for sustainable food security post-COVID-19 (2)

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

DESPERATE SITUATIONS sometimes require desperate solutions. For Africa, the COVID-19 pandemic requires quality thinking and actions beyond the ordinary, ritualistic or business-as-usual. The pattern of spread of the pandemic, the surge, the sustained presence and severity of impacts will not be exactly the same as in more developed countries. Statistics might be a major hurdle […]

Insurance: The lifeline of SMEs (2)

There are many other non-life insurances, depending on the nature of your business, but let us move away from physical assets and focus on human assets. It is widely acclaimed that the greatest asset of a business are the people (employees). Earlier we listed attracting and retaining skilled manpower as one of the challenges facing […]

Covid19’s mutation to ‘hunger virus.’

It is challenging to placate a man deprived of the necessities of life. That is the root of the famous saying that “a hungry man is an angry man”. We are already seeing that happening as more people who are experiencing hunger due to the lockdown of the socio-economic life are beginning to respond as […]

Mutable frontiers in public health and economy post-COVID-19

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

SINCE THE CORONAVIRUS outbreak in Wuhan in China became a matter of public knowledge as it spreads through the continents, a consistent finding is that the death rates are higher among the seniors and people with underlying health challenges. This is understandable as age and some chronic ailments tend to weaken the body and compromise […]

Insurance: The lifeline of SMEs (1)

We all probably know what insurance is, but I will still put up some working definitions here so that we can all be on the same page. For our presentation today, let us look at insurance as a risk transfer mechanism where one party (policyholder or insured), after paying a specified amount (premium), transfers his […]

Corporate responses to COVID – 19 lockdown

Most residents of the three Nigerian states of Lagos, Ogun and Abuja currently on socio-economic lockdown are already fatigued. With obviously low levels of savings, many are already existing on the margins of survival and may not yield to prolonged activity lockdown. Worse still, both the federal and state governments have also substantially failed to […]

Nigeria and post-COVID-19 expectations

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

BY THE TIME THE roaring hurricane of the ravaging Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic must have spent its fury and the lull of calm sets in, various countries of the world will wake up to diverse realities. Much of these realities will either be consequences of years of hard work, meticulous scenario thinking and strategic planning or […]

The wonderful benefits of coronavirus

There are two famous sayings that we need to invoke to appreciate the many right sides of coronavirus outbreak rather than the gloomy and fear-exciting pictures painted across the media. The first is that ‘things are never as bad as they seem,’ while the second is that ‘sometimes you have to lose what you have […]