Land, food and energy security: What future for Africa?

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

AGLOBAL CONSENSUS about the strategic importance of Africa to the future of the world seems to be crystalising. From “The hopeless continent” in the infamous verdict of The Economist magazine in May 2000, to “Africa Rising,” a landmark narrative championed a decade after by McKinsey, a consulting firm, Africa has seen the bad and the […]

Worrisome echoes from Africa’s Cyclones Idai, Kenneth

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

Within a space of six weeks, two powerful tropical storms have hit the south eastern coast of Africa. The first took days to pummel Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, with Mozambique bearing the greatest brunt in form of deluge, devastation and deaths. But before the hardest hit Mozambique could pick up its pieces and readjust to […]

Pitfalls Africa must avoid in global trade

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

TRADE HAS BEEN variously described as a tool for economic development. But this does not happen in a vacuum. From the standpoint of international trade, a lot is involved. With international trade come diplomatic, economic and political issues. The embassies of trade-focused countries show their seriousness about trade through their activities, priorities and programmes in […]

Motor claims procedure simplified

The traffic in Lagos has been hellish in the last few weeks. We were in the traffic the other day when a driver threatened to disfigure another driver’s face with blows if he hit his vehicle. And then I said to myself, if you disfigure his face, he will get you sued for assault and […]

Insurances for festive seasons

Happy Easter to you all; we are in another festive season. Festive seasons in Nigeria lead to a lot of activities. People travel, do lots of cooking and also receive more visitors. These activities carry with them elements of uncertainty. Where uncertainty exists, risks dwell and where there are risks, insurance has been created to […]

Recalibrating Africa’s external trade relations

Africa’s boundless treasure, Social development

FOR SO LONG, AFRICA has been at a disadvantage, holding the short end of the global trade stick. Trade surpluses have been more in favour of exporters to Africa while the continent struggled to justify its relevance by intensifying its own contribution through the extractive industries aimed mainly at export. The outputs of the extractive […]

“Insurance as an excellent profession”

Deepening insurance penetration in Nigeria requires both short term and long term measures. On the long term, we need to start creating insurance awareness among young people. It is with this in mind that the Lagos Area Committee (LAC) of the Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers, as part of its corporate social responsibility, went […]

How Africa may benefit from Brexit

EVENTS IN THE PAST couple of weeks point in a clear direction of a Britain that eventually ceases to be a member of the European Union (EU). Much disagreement, horse trading, voting, resignations and criticisms have trailed the idea of whether or not Britain should still go ahead and exit the EU. But, while the […]

Africa in search of development models (2)

ONE MAJOR HURDLE Africa must overcome in its quest for wealth and prosperity is the challenge posed by health or the lack of it. To create wealth sustainably, Africa needs operating environments that are conducive to innovation, expanded markets, rise in purchasing power and disposable incomes as well as less of shackles of poverty and […]

Spreading insurance risk through REINSURANCE

Some policy holders do not know anything about reinsurance. They have probably not heard the word before. In truth, they do not really have any business or interaction with reinsurance, so you can excuse them if they are ignorant of reinsurance. Insurance is a risk transfer mechanism as well as a tool for spreading of […]