By Anuoluwapo @ff   Nigeria’s 2019 election is a two horse race with unflattering candidates: the incumbent, President Muhammadu

By Ewelina U. Ochab   On February 16, 2019, general elections will be held in Nigeria.  The list of candidates is long. Among

By Alonso Soto and  Solape Renner   Promises by Nigerian presidential candidates to fix an economy that vies with South Africa’s

I thank the Lagos Island Club for giving me this platform to speak to such a distinguished audience and on such a germane issue. I

  By Fareed Zakaria   Human beings are rarely rational—so it’s time we all stopped pretending they are. In 1998, as the Asian

By Centurion Law Group The Nigerian experience with marginal oil field development had measurable success, with 24 licenses awarded to

By Tyler Cowen   They share fast growth, a strong national history and a sense that the future will be great.   Will

Akpandem James   There is no doubt that the Nigerian economy has gone through trying times. It used to be one of the most robust

When it comes to penning down my thoughts and beliefs, I can be quite enthusiastic. But the desire‘acme-ed’ when the discourse of

An Abundance of Opportunities We are fortunate to witness a period of monumental progress in Africa. The changes are visible across