By Timi Olubiyi, Ph.D   The coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected the global economy and more severely developing nations

By Sola Oni   There is no argument that Covid-19 pandemic has altered ways of doing things at domestic and official level.

By Ikem Okuhu   Discussing Nigeria’s glory using the past tense, like some wannabe all-conquering soldier long dead, can be

By Ekelem Airhihen   Africa needs some smart solution in the face of changes around the globe. The threat to globalization as

By Adekunle Segun   Liquefied Natural Gas, popularly known as LNG, is a gaseous form of fuel used for various purposes, including

By Caesar Keluro   Digitalization is crucial to the survival and the future of African MSMEs and our economy. It provides these

By Caesar Keluro   Artificial Intelligence (AI) could significantly widen the gap between developed and African countries. The

By Ikem Okuhu   The numbing helplessness from all the layers of Nigerian authority appears almost conspiratorial and as the

EVIDENCES OF sagacity of the great thinkers on corporate governance principles entail an understanding of possible overreach and high

By Sunny Chuba Nwachukwu   Business will be meaningless if the aim of setting it up (which is primarily, to make ‘profit’) is not