Do I need a budget?

You’re coasting along, paying your bills, and sticking a little bit of money into savings on the side. At face value, it would seem that you have a pretty decent handle on your finances. But if you’re not following a budget, you’re actually doing yourself a major disservice. Many people assume they don’t need a […]

Why you need to spread your money around

You’ve probably heard the term ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ before. What does it mean and why am I talking about it? If you’re new to investing you might be slightly confused. Here’s where I’m going with this: if you put all your eggs (i.e. all your money or investments) into one […]

Ways to be better at money in 2018

Though there’s never a wrong time to get your finances in order, a new year is the perfect excuse to take a deep look at your relationship with money. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re nearing retirement, below is The Times’s best financial advice from this year on earning and saving […]

Mistakes millennials often make with their money

Douglas Boneparth, co-author of “Millennial Money Fix,” shares the three biggest mistakes he sees millennials make that hold them back from financial success. Too often young people don’t identify what they want to save for, or create a plan of action to get there. Millennials also fail to master cash flow — which means budgeting […]

Is your giving hampered by a poverty mentality?

You’re completely committed to supporting others with your giving, and you’re doing everything possible to ensure that every penny of your charitable assets is going directly to the nonprofits that need it. That’s how you ensure the most effective use of your philanthropy, right? Wrong. Squeezing every penny into the philanthropic pipeline isn’t the same […]

Should frustrated savers gamble on the stock market or play it safe?

For savers it has become known as the lost decade. While there had been some prospect of the Bank of England raising interest rates in the near future, the hope was dashed this week when inflation figures fell unexpectedly for June. Also dashed were the hopes of savers that they would get something approaching a […]