How AI makes brand personalities come to life

MARKETING Artificial intelligence (AI) is reinventing the creative landscape for marketers. One big leap: Brands are no longer merely seen as objects, but entities with personalities that can interact dynamically with people, according to Winston Binch, chief digital officer for Deutsch North America, the ad agency behind Taco Bell’s award-winning taco-ordering chatbot, the Tacobot. Binch […]

The ‘why’ behind asking why: The science of curiosity

INNOVATION Curiosity is a fundamental human trait. Everyone is curious, but the object and degree of that curiosity is different depending on the person and the situation. Astrophysicist and author Mario Livio was so curious about curiosity that he wrote a book about it. He recently appeared on the Knowledge@Wharton show on SiriusXM channel 111 to talk about what […]

‘Every business is a digital business’

Nitin Rakesh took over as the CEO of Bangalore-based IT company MphasiS earlier this year. He was earlier CEO and president of Syntel, and president, CEO and managing director of Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company, and chief executive of State Street Syntel Services, a joint venture between Syntel and State Street Bank. In this conversation […]

Why ‘quiet’ leadership matters in sports and Life

The acronym GOAT in sports stands for Greatest of All Time. It’s a designation currently given to NFL quarterback Tom Brady, and it’s been bestowed on NBA star Michael Jordan and hockey great Wayne Gretsky. All three of these men played in championship games, but being the greatest of all time doesn’t necessarily lead to […]

The next wave: Using AI to build better marketing campaigns

As the digital revolution keeps on turning, cutting-edge companies are looking to artificial intelligence to spur the next wave of change. This specialized technology holds great promise for those willing to employ it, but it also comes with challenges. Consumers are familiar with AI in the form of Google’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri or IBM’s Watson. […]

Unearthing the wisdom in finance

The world of banking and finance has earned more than a little opprobrium in recent years. Some of the black marks: The pumped-up subprime loan and layered derivatives mortgage crisis, which led to the Great Recession; the false, “robo” signed affidavits that led to people losing their homes through illegal foreclosures; the LIBOR and foreign exchange […]

Has agile management’s moment arrived?

  When IBM recently announced that it was rethinking its work-at-home program for thousands of its employees, the main take-away for workers nationally was what it meant for them. After all, as IBM goes so do many other companies. Working at home was an idea IBM pioneered in the 1980s, and it was the thin end of […]

Why economists must go beyond the numbers

When economists are trying to understand the economics of growth, they usually go by the numbers. Yet, not only don’t the numbers always add up, they also lack the dimension and context needed to solve some of the world’s most perplexing problems. That is the view of Morton Schapiro, an economist who is also president of […]

Why impact investing needs to go mainstream

  Durreen Shahnaz started her career with Morgan Stanley in 1989 and was the first Bangladeshi woman investment banker on Wall Street. After stints with various organizations including the Nobel Prize-winning Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, Shahnaz went on to set up Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), the world’s first social stock exchange, in 2009 in Singapore. So far, […]

The future of Artificial Intelligence: Why the hype has outrun reality

TECHNOLOGY Robots that serve dinner, self-driving cars and drone-taxis could be fun and hugely profitable. But don’t hold your breath. They are likely much further off than the hype suggests. A panel of experts at the recent 2017 Wharton Global Forum in Hong Kong outlined their views on the future for artificial intelligence (AI), robots, […]