−‭ ‬The Covid-19‭ ‬pandemic reshaped global work culture −‭ ‬Multiple markets and companies are considering benefits of a four-day

BY OXFORD BUSINESS GROUP As rising inflation and the global food crisis place financial pressure on many countries around the world,

By Oxford Business Group   Cryptocurrency uptake continued to grow exponentially in 2021 Emerging nations led the world in terms

Covid-19, along with the related disruptions to the movement of goods and people, has compounded the challenges facing globalisation.

The global distribution of medical goods and foodstuffs has become the primary focus of efforts to keep essential supply chains open

As emerging economies come under sustained fiscal pressures related to the Covid-19 pandemic, questions are being raised about the

By Oxford Business Group As the world grapples with the challenges posed by Covid-19, Nigeria is leveraging digital solutions to limit

Fiscal policy was at the top of the agenda at the IMF Annual Meeting held in Washington, DC in October 2019, which was attended by