BY HAFIZ ABASS      There is a growing appetite for marine environment protection in Nigeria, as the country seeks

  Driven by private sector professional organisations VP Osinbajo; Finance Minister Ahmed, offer support NGX, FMDQ, CSCS, PwC,

Professor Andrew Chambers-World’s First Professor of Internal Audit, Author of the Chambers Handbook of Governance and Former

Background Africa’s private equity (PE) industry was initiated by development  nance institutions (DFIs) that had a mandate to invest

By Onome Amuge   Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) is a perennial crop which grows abundantly in tropical regions. It is globally

Ben Eguzozie, in Port Harcourt Governor Ben Ayade, a professor of microbiology, has roughly 36 months to the termination of his final

Ben Eguzozie Plant left with 27.5% value to reach decommissioning stage Only one of two things left for it: full TAM or dispose

Visual Earth, a digital strategy and service experience firm in t h e UK is partnering with the Lagos State Ambulance Services to

Onome Amuge THE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR OF ANY economy basically centres around performing the basic role of food production and

By Godwin Nnanna, Boston   After decades of the economy being the pointer to how Americans vote, science may well be the new definer