LinkedIn launches AI academy to educate employees

Artificial intelligence has become a mainstay in modern electronics so it should come as no shock that LinkedIn, the social network for professionals too is taking notice and launching a new initiative centred around the technology. The new program is not at all meant for the platform’s users. Instead, the aptly dubbed “AI Academy” is […]

Microsoft launches Artificial Intelligence initiative for people with disabilities

Microsoft has announced the launch of an AI-based accessibility initiative to build better technology for people with disabilities. Satya Nadella, the company’s CEO, kicked off Microsoft’s annual conference for software developers where he mentioned about the new “AI for Accessibility” initiative. The five-year initiative for accessibility will have seed grants for startups, non-profit organizations and […]

JP Morgan appoints top AI expert, says ready for adoption

Top American multinational investment bank and financial services company, J.P. Morgan Chase, announced Friday that Manuela Veloso will be joining the bank’s corporate and investment bank team as head of its Artificial intelligence (AI) Research. The bank said the move is in line with its aim of exploring new opportunities through machine learning technology so […]

Search giant Google to invest in digital assistant startups

Google announced an investment programme for early-stage startups to boost its digital assistant ecosystem, which will include mentoring and partnership initiatives. “We’re welcoming companies across a diverse range of fields, including startups that are developing technologies that broaden the Assistant’s set of features, or are building new hardware devices for digital assistants,” the search giant […]

Google cofounder, Sergey Brin warns of AI’s dark side

Google co-founder Sergey Brin says advances in artificial intelligence bring new questions and responsibilities. Artificial Intelligence is a recurring theme in recent remarks by top executives at Alphabet. The company’s latest Founders’ Letter, penned by Sergey Brin, is no exception but he also finds time to namecheck possible downsides around safety, jobs, and fairness. The company […]

Global tech industry supports UK artificial intelligence sector with $1.4bn

A group of international tech firms and venture capitalists injected almost £1 billion ($1.4 billion) into the U.K.’s artificial intelligence (AI) industry on Thursday. The deal was backed by Japanese venture capital firm Global Brain, Canadian venture capital firm Chrysalix, U.K. automaker Rolls-Royce, the British government, and other investors. The investment will be used to […]

Retail firms leapfrog banks in global AI spend with projected $3.4bn in 2018

Investment in Artificial Intelligence (AI) by retail companies is seen surging to $3.4 billion by yearend, according to International Data Corporation (IDC), a research firm, indicating that retailers would be the main driver for AI worldwide in 2018 ahead of banks, the top spenders in the last five years. IDC said the sheer market size […]

France to become AI hub, gets boost from DeepMind, Samsung, Fujitsu

The French government unveiled a new strategic initiative Thursday that seeks to make the country a world leader in artificial intelligence without compromising its notions of privacy and security. The outlined proposals got a lift from a series of related corporate announcements, including plans by Google’s DeepMind and Samsung for new Paris labs and Fujitsu’s […]

Google unveils more realistic text-to-speech service by DeepMind’s AI

Google is launching a new AI voice synthesiser as part of its suite of machine learning cloud tools. The service, named Cloud Text-to-Speech, will be available for any developer or business that needs voice synthesis on tap, whether that’s for an app, website, or virtual assistant. But what’s particularly interesting about this news is that […]