U.S. tech school MIT cuts ties with Chinese tech firms Huawei, ZTE

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has severed ties with Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp as U.S. authorities investigate the Chinese firms for alleged sanctions violations. In a letter on the MIT website, Maria Zuber, vice president for research, MIT, said, “MIT is not accepting new engagements or renewing existing ones with Huawei and ZTE […]

IDC forecasts rebound in VR shipments after 33.7% dip in Q2 2018


International Data Corporation (IDC), a provider of market intelligence said it’s forecasting a sunny outlook for future quarters for worldwide shipments of virtual reality (VR) headsets despite recording a 33.7 percent drop in during 2018’s second quarter. IDC said last year’s numbers were “artificially propped up” when Samsung, Google, and Alcatel bundled cheap VR mounting […]

Computer village may relocate before year-end

Computer village

The proposed plan by the Lagos State Government to relocate computer village, Nigeria’s largest information and communications technology market, from Ikeja to Katangowa may pan out before the year runs out, a source said. “I had told you earlier that the plans to relocate to Katangowa is likely not to hold, but with what we […]

Apple taken up on battery replacement pledge as consumer backlash grows

Apple has been accused of finding unnecessary faults with iPhones and thereby profiting from a battery replacement initiative, according to Watchdog’s investigation. Facing a consumer backlash, when it announced it had been slowing down iPhones in order to “preserve battery life” in December last year without telling consumers, Apple apologized and promised owners of the […]

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 Active is rugged model with larger battery

Samsung Electronics Co. is introducing a new model for its Galaxy S8 smartphone line featuring a metal frame, larger battery and shatter-resistant screen. The Galaxy S8 Active, which the South Korean company says has passed military specification testing, is geared toward users in environments such as extreme outdoor sporting events and construction sites, where a […]

Charging your phone every night could damage the battery

For most people, plugging in their Apple or Samsung phone when they go to bed at night seems like the natural thing to do. Smartphone batteries always seem to drain quickly, and letting your gadget charge up while you sleep means you wake up to a full charge. But frequent charging can take its toll […]