SoftBank buys robot maker Boston Dynamics for future pursuit

SoftBank Group Corp. is set to take over Google parent Alphabet Inc.’s robot dreams, as it buys Boston Dynamics to pursue a future when more machines intermingle with humans, Bloomberg reports. As part of the transaction with Alphabet, SoftBank also agreed to buy Japanese bipedal robotics company Schaft. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. According to […]

Researchers develop material to end cracks in phones

A research collaboration between scientists at Queen’s University Belfast, Sanford University, the University of California, Berkeley, California State University, and the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan have developed a material, buckminsterfullerene or bucky-ball, that would put an end to cracks in cell phones. Claudia Ojeda-Aristizabal from California State University, Long Beach, who participated […]

Hi-tech is helping to crack legal cases

As tech continues to influence every aspect of our daily lives, the future depicted in The Terminator films – where an artificial intelligence network becomes so clever it overthrows human rule – may seem increasingly plausible. Thankfully, the artificial intelligence we see employed today in anything from healthcare to finance is designed to increase productivity, […]

Apple’s Safari web browser now comes with special features

Amid a string of high-profile announcements at the keynote address of Apple’s annual developer conference, where the company introduced a slew of new laptops, computers, and a new smart speaker, there was one small announcement that could have a profound affect on how most people surf the web. As part of Apple’s upgrade to its […]

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: the battle of the smart speakers

Amazon Echo is the OG smart home assistant, but Home has the might of Google’s services behind it. After getting their start on phones, voice assistants are coming to the home in a big way. It makes a lot of sense. Although it’s often embarrassing to start talking to your phone in public, the same […]