During the past few years, deep learning has revolutionized nearly every field it has been applied to, resulting in the greatest leap

SoftBank Group Corp. is set to take over Google parent Alphabet Inc.’s robot dreams, as it buys Boston Dynamics to pursue a future

The consumer marketplace is wholly in love with mobile apps. The advent of the mobile economy has fundamentally changed not only how

Early benchmark results of the new MacBook Pro with Intel’s Kaby Lake family of processors indicate significant performance

A research collaboration between scientists at Queen’s University Belfast, Sanford University, the University of California,

Apple’s newest ad features an array of short clips, shot on iPhone by regular users, underscored by the calming voice of astronomer

As tech continues to influence every aspect of our daily lives, the future depicted in The Terminator films – where an

WhatsApp has become the world’s most-used messaging app these days. The popular chat app keeps updating its features from time

No more hefty bills to contend with From next week holiday goers will no longer be hit with hefty phone bills, thanks to an EU law

Amid a string of high-profile announcements at the keynote address of Apple’s annual developer conference, where the company