A few years ago, DARPA started work on a new experimental aircraft project called the XS-1, a vehicle designed to make launching

The rise of automation and resulting job losses could force the federal government to guarantee some income for everyone, but that

Anyone who’s ever schlepped furniture through various moves knows the challenge of getting old pieces to fit into new spaces. This

Ever since 2011, Intel has been trying to get you excited about a high-speed port called Thunderbolt. Unless you bought a Mac or other

Technology prophets are talking in the lexicon of magic, gods, and monsters when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI). They

Designer and leaker Benjamin Geskin has posted a short video online, showcasing what he claims to be an identical dummy unit of the

Tim Cook hasn’t been shy about proclaiming China Apple’s future biggest market, but right now it’s causing the most problems.

Micro-services, that is, breaking larger applications into small parts that communicate over APIs, is increasingly becoming the

Tables are probably some of the oldest gadgets around, if you think about it. People have probably been taking things and using them

The iris-recognition feature in Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone has been defeated by German hackers, less than a month after it hit