Instagram to allow users have control over data

Instagram, photo-sharing social media app is developing a new data portability tool allowing users to download a copy of the data they’ve posted. A company representative told Reuters the new feature will allow users to backup data including photos, videos, and messages from their accounts. The representative did not provide a release date for the tool. […]

Twitter suspends 270,000 accounts for ‘promoting terrorism’

Twitter removed more than 270,000 accounts around the world for promoting terrorism in the second half of 2017, according to the company’s latest transparency report. The number of accounts permanently suspended for sharing what the firm called extremist content between July and December represents a drop for the second period in a row. The social network […]

Facebook Lite expands to developed markets

A pared-down version of Facebook’s popular mobile app is set to make its debut in developed countries this week following initial rollouts in emerging markets. Facebook Lite is already available in more than 100 countries, and Reuters reported that the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand will be added […]

Twitter to livestream major league football games

Twitter has struck a 3-year deal with Major League Soccer that will give it a selection of weekly video, including “at least” 24 live matches. The arrangement will turn Univision’s normally Spanish-language broadcasts into English-language streams for Twitter users in the US, according to The first live stream has already taken place, in fact — […]

Myths of social media age

The internet was expected to renew democracy, tackle the hegemony of the monopoly news providers and draw us all into a global community. Over the past six months, that idea has been undermined by a new myth which suggests that democracy is, in fact, being overturned by the spawn of the internet: Russian bots and […]

Facebook asks users if child grooming be allowed on site

Facebook sent some of its users a bizarre survey asking whether they would like child grooming to be allowed on the social network. Selected users were asked how they think Facebook should set the rules on whether adults can ask minors for sexually explicit photos (a crime), and whether, if they controlled Facebook, they would […]

Nigeria businesses urged to leverage technology for competitive edge

Nigeria businesses have been urged at the recently held Social Media Week 2018 in Lagos to leverage technology for information gathering toward enhancing business opportunities and economic growth. e event, which featured lots of industry and tech leaders as keynote speakers and panelists, gave entrepreneurs rooms to learn all that it takes to have a competitive […]