Power generation slumps to 3,385mm as outages spread

BY: Moses olajuwon Obajemu

Total power generation in the country fell to 3,385MW on Saturday morning  from a peak of 4,575.3MW at 8:15pm on Thursday, according to data from the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Operator.

The data showed that  11 power plants were not generating any megawatts of electricity as Saturday morning.

Six of the nation’s power plants were shut down between 8:15pm on Thursday and 6am on Saturday, causing power generation to plunge by 1,190.3 megawatts.

The idle plants were Afam IV&V, Geregu II, Sapele II, Alaoji, Olorunsogo II, Ihovbor, Gbarain, Ibom Power, AES, ASCO and Rivers IPP.

As of 8:15pm on Thursday, only Sapele II, Olorunsogo II, ASCO, AES and Gbarain were shut down.

Rivers IPP was said to be out due to youth restiveness; Ibom Power’s GT1 was out on inlet guide vane problem, GT2 out due to fire outbreak on the control panel, and GT3 out due to low load demand by the distribution companies.

Gbarain was shut down due to the rupturing of the gas pipeline; Ihovbor was idle because of low load demand by Discos and gas constraint.

Olorunsogo’s GT1 was out on inspection; GT2 and 3 out due to gas constraint, and GT4 due to cooling water system leakage.

Alaoji’s GT1 and 2 were out due to low load demand by the Discos; GT3 out due to gas constraint and GT4 awaiting spare part.

Sapele’s GT1 was out due to gas constraint; GT2 and 4 were shut because of low load demand by the Discos; GT3 was out due to maintenance.

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