By Onome Amuge Airtel Africa has announced its intention to roll out $750 million in capital expenditure in 2023 to ramp up its

By Cynthia Ezekwe Airtel Africa plc,a multinational company that provides telecommunications and mobile money services has announced

By Cynthia Ezekwe     Following investors renewed interest in large-medium cap companies on the bourse, the stock market in

BY Grace Airhule Airtel Africa Plc has redeemed $450m worth of senior notes prior to their maturity date of 2024, the telecom provider

BY CHARLES ABUEDE Leading telecoms operator, Airtel Nigeria, is rolling out its payment service banking operation in Nigeria after

BY CHARLES ABUEDE Airtel Africa has reported a strong 20.6 percent growth to $4.7 billion in its annual revenue from $3.9 billion last

BY CHARLES ABUEDE Airtel Africa, which receives about 30 percent of its revenues from Airtel Nigeria has sent out a notice to

BY: CHARLES ABUEDE Cash positive Airtel Africa has dipped into its group level surpluses to complete payment of a $505 million 5.125

Charles Abuede   Airtel Africa plc, a leading provider of telecommunications and mobile money services, has announced in a

Says it is a good start to the year as: Customer base grew by 11.8% to 111.5 million Voice revenue up by 2.2%, data by 35.7% and