One of the strongest drivers of global economic growth is not factories or financial services or internet start-ups, it is what we do

Human beings are under threat. One US author with a bestselling book about artificial intelligence says that in the near future all

Microsoft Corp., battling to improve its internet search capabilities and prove its mettle in the increasingly competitive field of

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the tech industry with China — alongside the U.S. — emerging as a key market for talent,

Artificial intelligence (AI), along with other financial technology (fintech) innovations, are significantly changing the ways that

Vikram Pandit, who ran Citigroup Inc. during the financial crisis, said developments in technology could see some 30 percent of

Elon Musk has recommended a book to prepare for a future dominated by the power of artificial intelligence. As global leaders continue

Yudala Ltd., an indigenous e-commerce outlet, said Friday in Lagos that an emerging technology known as Artificial Intelligence (A1)

TECHNOLOGY Robots that serve dinner, self-driving cars and drone-taxis could be fun and hugely profitable. But don’t hold your breath.

Technology prophets are talking in the lexicon of magic, gods, and monsters when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI). They