Credit reporting company Equifax Inc. blamed a web server vulnerability in its open-source software, called Apache Struts, for the

Equifax Inc. said its systems were struck by a cyber attack that may have affected about 143 million U.S. customers of the credit

A reported dip in like-for-like sales in the first half of the year sent the shares of advertising group, WPP, tumbling in Wednesday’s

When Leah Charpentier ordered a vintage coffee table, on 8 June – a birthday present for her brother – she didn’t

Parents who think they are being responsible by limiting their children’s time online should think again: they could be putting

The cyber attack that crippled Ukraine businesses and spread worldwide to shut down shipping ports, factories, and corporate offices

When the chief of Microsoft Ukraine switched jobs to work for President Petro Poroshenko, he found that everyone in the office used

What trait does a global cyerattack and a hurricane share? Both could cost insurers – and victims – dearly, according to a

Cyber-attacks could soon be costlier than natural disasters, says Lloyd’s of London. A new report from the specialty insurer claims