Forecasts for U.S. economic growth are coming in slightly lower after a weak first quarter, according to a survey of business

A railway built by the British government to tighten control over its African colony eventually played a part in ending its rule. This

President Vladimir Putin set out his ideas for the Russia economy in a keynote speech on Friday, and the country’s leading

Trade between Russia and Germany has seen a 40 percent rise in the first quarter, and German businesses are localizing production in

The richest 0.01% of households, involving those with more than £31m assets, evade paying 30% of their taxes on average, according to

India’s growth slumped to a two-year low and the country ceded its top ranking as the world’s fastest-growing economy back

Nigeria’s acting president, Yemi Osinbajo reveals on Monday that the country’s economy is the “biggest challenge of

China’s structural reforms will slow the pace of its debt build-up but will not be enough to arrest it, and another credit

Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, on Thursday assured investors that the country would come out of economic recession stronger

Barring plunges in oil prices and production cuts, major indicators of the Nigerian economy may be trending towards improvement in