By Onome Amuge   The global economy is projected to grow by 1.7 per cent in 2023 and 2.7 per cent  in 2024, a sharp decline from

By Onome Amuge Oil prices plunged into bearish territory  following the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) report that a third of the

By Onome Amuge. Global economic growth has been projected to slow from 6.1 percent in 2021 to 3.2 percent in 2022 and slip further to

BY Mohamed A. El-Erian CAMBRIDGE – Big shocks to the global economy, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, understandably capture the

BY CHARLES ABUEDE The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted a moderate but upgraded growth outlook for Nigeria by 70 basis

Investors around the world say they see the China-rest of the world relations, the trajectory of the Covid-19 pandemic, the U.S.

Hussein Sayed, Chief Market Strategist at FXTM   “Coronavirus deaths topped 500,000 worldwide”, is the first headline to grab

Banking sector resilience to be tested By Omobayo Azeez Effort to save the global economy has pushed central banks across many nations

Fiscal policy was at the top of the agenda at the IMF Annual Meeting held in Washington, DC in October 2019, which was attended by

The economic impact of violence to the global economy rose 2.1 percent to $14.76 trillion in 2017, in constant purchasing power parity