The YouTube owner has announced plans to use new artificial intelligence technology to identify extremist videos. It will also slap

Andy Rubin who left Google back in 2014 is well known for creating Android, sold it to Google, and nurtured it into the most popular

Maybe Apple and Samsung just aren’t bringing their A-game anymore. Andy Rubin, the creator of Google’s Android, offered up

A major advertiser has become so frustrated with Facebook and Google’s limp attempts to police the content they publish that it

U.S. tech giants Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are the five most valuable global brands, according to rankings

Facebook has claimed that a new German law that threatens to impose heavy fines on social media companies if they fail to delete hate

As people accumulate massive data troves on Gmail, Google Photos and other Google apps, the search giant wants to help people find

Micro-services, that is, breaking larger applications into small parts that communicate over APIs, is increasingly becoming the

Google Assistant, the search giant’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, will make money from e-commerce, according to Google

Deep Nishar spends more time roaming university hallways than he does corporate boardrooms. A former electrical engineer who helped