Nigeria and India made what many would see as representing good business sense in pledges on Thursday in Abuja during a business visit

The United Nation Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) has projected that India, China, and Nigeria will account for 35

The total number of people employed in the global renewable energy industry hit a record 10 million, data from the Renewable Energy

Samsung is targeting $10 billion worth of sales in India over the course of this year, The Economic Times reported Monday, citing an

India is buying Sri Lanka’s second-largest airport, despite it only handling a dozen passengers a day. China recently took

Africa is a sport loving continent, and governments in the region have utilised it to gain popularity and support from the people.

Nigeria climbs in World Bank’s Doing Business rankings, thus emerging along with India and Zambia as biggest winners in the World

Canalys, a leading global technology market analyst firm with a distinct channel focus, has indicated that total smartphone shipments

Emerging markets including China and India could be the best bets for investors hoping to fight climate change and boost returns,

Authors Jagmohan & Komal Bhanver have done extensive research about when the first seeds of e-commerce were sown in the 1970s till