The world’s two biggest cocoa producers are taking unprecedented steps to exert more control on the market in a bid to help farmers.

Ivory Coast’s cocoa regulator said it will seek to maintain output of the beans at current levels even as the country and neighboring

Ghana and Ivory Coast have acceded to coordinate the announcement of bean prices with the opening of cocoa season in their bid to

Ivory Coast, the world’s top cocoa producer is said to commence the destruction of cocoa crops grown in protected areas as  seeks to

Temitayo Ayetoto, with agency… Exporters of cocoa commodity in Ivory Coast are demanding that the industry regulator returns the

Ivory Coast lost an estimated 125,000 metric tons of cocoa this season through the smuggling of beans to neighboring countries where

Ghana will delay the start of the new cocoa season as it waits for the proceeds of a $1.3 billion syndicated loan to pay farmers,

Much of Jamilatu Mohammed’s harvest of cocoa beans is sitting in a storage shed near her dilapidated mud house along Ghana’s western

Ivory Coast is considering cutting taxes on buying and exporting of cocoa to allow for an increase in the minimum price paid to

Ivory Coast’s cocoa regulator has forecast that the nation may lose a fifth of its cocoa crop to smuggling during the next harvest if