Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now far ahead of Bill Gates as the world’s richest person. With a net worth of $105 billion, Bezos is

The richest people on the planet added $1 trillion to their collective wealth in 2017, more than four times the previous year’s

The Inc. founder’s fortune is up $2.4 billion to $100.3 billion, as the online retailer’s shares jumped more than 2 percent

Billionaire Jeff Bezos is one of the world’s richest people thanks to a risk he took when he was 30 years old. When the Amazon

Jeff Bezos sold a million Inc. shares this week for $1.1 billion, according to a U.S. securities filing on Friday. The sale

The world’s top technology billionaires, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, have seen their total wealth rise

Global tensions sparked a market sell-off Thursday that drained $42.7 billion from the net worth of the world’s 500 richest people and

Jeff Bezos was the richest man in the world for a time on Wednesday, with a fortune of over $90 billion. According to Forbes and

A surge in Inc. shares Thursday morning in advance of the online retailer’s earnings report has propelled founder Jeff

“I’ve got over $80 billion. Now what?” Jeff Bezos, the world’s second richest person is asking the public for