BY CHARLES ABUEDE The naira is not showing any sign of recovery and it seems bent on seeing the bottom of the valley in the street

BY: CHARLES ABUEDE The secondary market was largely positive last week as yields trended downwards in the bonds space while remaining

Nigeria’s domestic currency, the naira, strengthened 0.11 percent against the United States dollar on the Investors and

Open Market Operations (OMO) bills worth N244 billion are expected to mature into Nigeria’s financial system Thursday.

Drop in yields on the Nigerian Treasury Bills (NTBs), a general improvement in the macroeconomic and business environment, and

Nigeria plans to sell N1.27 trillion worth of treasury bills in five auctions in the first quarter of 2018, according to the Central

Nigeria’s central bank Wednesday saw its fortnightly treasury bills auction oversubscribed 400 percent as total subscription