BY ONOME AMUGE World food commodity prices leapt to their highest levels ever in March, as Russia’s lingering attack on Ukraine and

BY ONOME AMUGE The lingering Ukraine-Russian war has placed a more daunting challenge on the global economy, leading to a one percent

BY: ONOME AMUGE Russia and Ukraine, asides being the largest European countries by size, play an integral part in the global economy

What shaped the past week? Global: Sentiment across the global space was mixed this week, as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine remains

BY ONOME AMUGE Wheat futures, which have been extremely volatile since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine due to heavy reliance on export

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia began on February 23, 2022, after months of military build-up and diplomatic activity which had

BY: ONOME AMUGE Aluminium prices roared to an all-time high on Thursday as the lightweight metal maintained its bullish trend,