Snap Inc. is battling a backlash from users over a new version of its Snapchat social-media app, which was launched in February and is

A pared-down version of Facebook’s popular mobile app is set to make its debut in developed countries this week following initial

The internet was expected to renew democracy, tackle the hegemony of the monopoly news providers and draw us all into a global

Facebook sent some of its users a bizarre survey asking whether they would like child grooming to be allowed on the social network.

Not only is Facebook utterly addictive, but it knows intimate information about you such as your political stance is and exactly where

Europe’s justice commissioner told Facebook, Twitter, and Google on Thursday to do more to bring their user terms in line with EU law,

One of the strongest drivers of global economic growth is not factories or financial services or internet start-ups, it is what we do

How can Facebook promote meaningful interaction between users? By letting them downvote inappropriate comments to hide them. Facebook

You may not have heard of Tencent, but about 1/7th of the world has. Last week, the Chinese Internet giant behind social media

In 1962 a British political scientist, Bernard Crick, published “In Defence of Politics”. He argued that the art of political