Charles Abuede   Lyft, a ride-hailing company has sold off its autonomous vehicle unit to Toyota’s Woven Planet Holdings for $550

Wale Ameen Online Editor Automobile giants, Hyundai and Kia are set to establish assembly plants in Ghana by 2022. The automobile

Charles Abuede The world’s top five automobile manufacturing companies, Volkswagen Group, Ford Motors, Toyota Motor Corporation,

Piles of debt almost equivalent to entire nations, like South Africa or Hungary Daimler and BMW also in top 10 with debts of $151bn,

Kenneth Afor Japan automaker, Toyota Motor Corporation Thursday, announced that its subsidiary in Brazil Toyota do Brasil Ltda (TDB),

Unique Integrated Auto Centre, an arm of Toyota Auto Centre Nigeria has unveiled a branch in Abia State. It is located at the Umuahia

Toyota is joining the list of manufacturers dropping diesel from their passenger car lineups. The brand has confirmed that it’s

UK car production went into reverse last year for the first time since the depths of the financial crisis in 2009, as Brexit fears

Toyota Motor Corp. agreed to buy a stake in Mazda Motor Corp. and jointly build a $1.6 billion plant in the U.S. Asia’s largest

Toyota Motor Corp said on Saturday it had sold all shares in Tesla Inc by the end of 2016, having cancelled its tie-up with the U.S.