By Mike Ochonma. Volkswagen is putting the brakes on its electric vehicle production as rising electricity costs and lowering gas

…As Japanese automakers drags in EV global migration   Mike Ochonma Business Editor   With major automakers transitioning to

Says it expects close to 900 employees to accept early retirement in a Charles Abuede German automaker, Volkswagen Group, has revealed

Charles Abuede The world’s top five automobile manufacturing companies, Volkswagen Group, Ford Motors, Toyota Motor Corporation,

Piles of debt almost equivalent to entire nations, like South Africa or Hungary Daimler and BMW also in top 10 with debts of $151bn,

U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened a 20 percent tariff on EU cars after the European Union introduced tariffs on £2.4bn worth

Cooperation talks between Germany’s Volkswagen Group and India’s Tata Motors about joint development of a car for emerging